Our Company

 We are committed to fostering social equity by providing affordable housing to those who need it and providing opportunity for all through housing because everyone deserves a safe and quality place to call home. 

Birch Housing is a medium-sized private non-profit community housing provider in Ontario. Formerly the Inter Faith Homes Group, we have a 45-year history of helping our tenants reach their full potential through housing.

We own and manage 512 units in townhouses and apartment buildings in four cities in the Greater Toronto Area. Approximately 50% of our rental units are for people who qualify for a rent geared to income subsidy. The other 50% are available for rent at the market rate. We strive to create great experiences for our tenants and ensure that we meet their needs every day. We listen to them and work with our partners to create supportive communities for all who call Birch Housing their home.

Our Mission

To foster opportunity through quality affordable housing.

Our Vision

Every person has a safe and quality space to live, grow, and call home.

Our Values


Taking ownership and responsibility for our actions and decisions in service to the sustainable health of the organization. 


Recognizing and giving value to the thoughts, emotions, and experiences of others while also deeply understanding ourselves. 


Maintaining the highest degree of ethical standards to do the right thing in all circumstances—even when no one is watching.